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Obstetrics & Gynaecology: An Evidence-based Text for MRCOG, Third Edition 3rd Edition

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Modelled after the current MRCOG curriculum, the new edition of this bestselling book provides all the information a specialist registrar in obstetrics and gynaecology or senior house officer needs during training or when preparing for the MRCOG examination.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology: An Evidence-based Text for MRCOG covers the latest professional guidelines and developments in obstetrics and gynaecology and continues to provide an easily accessible source of information for those practising as specialists.

The book’s subsections within obstetrics and gynaecology are divided in line with the RCOG trainee logbook. The text is consistently structured throughout to ensure ease of reference with standardized headings including definitions, incidence, aetiology, investigations and management.

Focusing on standards and an evidence-based approach, each chapter includes material on MRCOG standards in an easy-to-consult format. Information on evidence-based medicine is also included to provide a rapid summary of the evidence relating to the interventions and treatments discussed. This text will continue to be an invaluable companion to the higher training of obstetricians and gynaecologists and a useful ready reference for those in established practice.

Don’t assume from the title that this book is only for MRCOG candidates and though I am sure this will be ideal for them, this is an excellent general all round obstetrics and gynaecology textbook for a large number of people. It is also very much a British textbook with the two editors coming from Birmingham whilst the vast majority of contributors are from the UK. This is a proper modern textbook combining the best of the traditional printed medium but accompanied by digital cousins bundled within the purchase price, more on this later.

It is a solidly built book with well constructed hard covers which protects the contents of the book very well and there is just over 950 pages and there seems to pretty impressive coverage of both the specialties of obstetrics and gynaecology. In such a vast topic, the editors have done an excellent job of breaking down the information into relatively short and easily readable, as well as accessible chapters. Chapters are bundled into sections and each section has its own section editor. It is a very logical and easy to use layout. Each chapter has a text box of the MRCOG standards and a key points text box. The chapters are not very long and can be easily read within a short period of time, providing an excellent and relevant knowledge base.

The text is displayed into short and readable paragraphs–there are not that many diagrams and figures but there is enough to illustrate the text and facilitate learning. The quality of the writing is excellent; it is written in a relaxed but informative style which is a great tribute to the editorial process, considering the number of contributors. It is also impressively comprehensive and impressive in its breadth of coverage. Apart from the obvious audience, the person working towards their MRCOG, this is an excellent textbook for a primary care physician or a senior consultant wanting to update and refresh their knowledge.

Bundled with the purchase price of the book, is access to an app version and web access version of the book which adds function and usefulness to possessing the book. Both provide portability, especially the app version on a phone and it is easy to read from a phone. These digital resources make an ideal companion for the book.

This is an impressive general all round textbook which covers its topic in excellent detail which will appeal to both the specialist in training as well as a GP and other interested healthcare professionals. I think it may be too detailed for the undergraduate though it could be a useful reference source in that capacity. Considering the quality of the book and the bundling of the digital products, this represents very good value for money



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