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Introduction to the Operating Room 1st Edition

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A unique “survival manual” for those new to the operating room



This one-of-a-kind resource answers all the questions that newbie clinicians, nurses, and allied health workers have about the Operating Room but are afraid to ask. It is a complete and candid explanation of the sights, sounds, technologies, personalities, and culture that you will experience when you enter that complex, stress-inducing world. With coverage ranging from “Who Are These People?” to “Equipment from A to Z,” Introduction to the Operating Room delivers the practical, real-world guidance newcomers need to ensure patient safety and their own career success.

■ The first book to combine a description of Operating Room people (and their roles), culture, and rules with a discussion of equipment and technology
■ Logically divided into three sections: Pre-Op, Intraop, and Post-Op
■ Includes a valuable appendix, “Quick Guide Answers to the What If’s of the OR”
■ A must-have resource for anyone wishing to impress the attending surgeons and staff of the Operating Room

If you are looking for a concise, engagingly written operating room primer that delves into topics not covered in any other resource, Introduction to the Operating Room is required reading.

You will be assigned a locker that you will most likely share.
• The lockers are small and will not accommodate large
• Your assignment for the day will be controlled by the Clinical
Liaison. You will stay with one circulator unRl the line up in
that room is done. You may follow the last paRent
to the Recovery Room and then return to
your floor.
• Your experience may not last the enRre day
based on the schedule for the day.



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