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Cases in Pediatric Acute Care: Strengthening Clinical Decision Making 2021

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Cases in Pediatric Acute Care presents over 100 real-world pediatric acute care cases, each including a brief patient history, a detailed history of present illness, presenting signs and symptoms, vital signs, and physical examination findings. Ideal for developing a systematic approach to diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment, this resource provides students and advanced practitioners with the tools required to deliver comprehensive care to acute, chronic and critically ill children. The cases encompass a wide range of body systems, medical scenarios, professional issues and general pediatric concerns, and feature laboratory data, radiographic images and information on case study progression and resolution.

Develops the essential skills necessary to provide the best possible pediatric acute care
Discusses the most appropriate differential diagnoses, diagnostic evaluation, and management plans for each case
Presents cases related to pulmonary, cardiac, neurologic, endocrine, metabolic, musculoskeletal, and other body systems
Highlights key points in each case to quickly identify critical information
Cases in Pediatric Acute Care is an excellent resource for advanced practice provider students and pediatric healthcare providers managing acutely ill children.



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