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The Big Picture Physiology – Medical Course And Step 1 Review

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Packed with easy-to-understand bulleted copy focusing only on the facts you need to know, Medical Physiology: The Big Picture – Medical Course and Step 1 provides text and videos, all in one location to help the reader better comprehend content. This complete, yet concise treatment covers all the major topics in medical physiology.

You’ll find chapters on neurophysiology, blood, cardiovascular physiology, pulmonary physiology, renal and acid base balance, the gastrointestinal system, the endocrine system, and reproductive physiology?each of which includes video. Here is everything you need to learn and review physiology quickly and efficiently.

This invaluable resource features:

450 full-color figures illustrating essential processes
190 board exam-style questions and answers
Complementary videos for every chapter (videos are in 4-7 minute segments)
Special icons highlighting important clinical information
High yield clinical pearls and clinical examples highlighting the relevance and application of physiologic concepts
A full practice test organized by body system to allow either comprehensive testing or focused review.



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